Apply for Select Board Victualer and Special Amusement Licenses

Victualer – A person who serves food or drink prepared for consumption on the premises by the public (note that the person need not charge for the food or drink to be deemed a victualer. Examples:  Restaurants, cafeterias, food carts, grocery stores with lunch counters, ice cream shops, coffee shops.  Does not include convenience or grocery stores that do not allow consumption on premises.

State of Maine Liquor Licensing.  This License allows you to offer wine and beer at your establishment.  Please contact the State of Maine, Liquor License Division with any questions.  To contact the Division, please call (207) 287-4472 or use the link above.  This application requires a Public Hearing and be approved by the Select Board before it can be sent to the State of Maine for approval.  If this is the first application, the Select Board does request that you attend the Public Hearing in case any questions may arise.

Special Amusement Permit for entertainment
Businesses serving liquor and providing entertainment are required to hold a special amusement permit, pursuant to State of Maine statute Title 28A.
Special Amusement Permits must be renewed annually and the permit expires on the same day as the holders liquor license.

Complete the Special Amusement Permit application and submit it to the Town Manager's office along with the required fee of $20.  Upon submission, a public hearing will be scheduled at a regular meeting of the Select Board based on the publishing deadlines of the local newspaper, since the public must be notified of this hearing.