Friday, March 31, 2023


The Town of Searsport has several construction projects lined up to begin in 2023. The following is the best information available as of today:

WASTEWATER - The wastewater treatment plant project will officially begin on May 1, 2023. This project will mostly be taking place on Navy Street. There are a few upgrades that will occur at several pump stations including Main Street. Even most of this work will occur outside of the travel portion of the road. We might see very slight traffic impacts from trucks entering and exiting the roadway. The wastewater treatment project will continue construction in the summer of 2024 with a projected completion date of October 1, 2024. 

 WATER DISTRICT - The water district will be starting a project to replace water main lines on several side streets in downtown Searsport in 2023. This work will begin in April. They will first install temporary water lines and then construct in the following sequence: Water Street, Elm Street, Park Street, Leach Street, Elm Street, Navy Street. This work is tentatively scheduled to complete in early July 2023.

Downtown Rebuild - The long-awaited downtown rebuild will begin construction in late May or early June 2023. The contractor, Gordon Construction, is required to hold an Open House meeting with citizens prior to starting. We will advertise and notice this meeting well in advance of the date. MDOT is planning to send a mailer to all residents in the affected area with this and additional information. The contractor is also required to have biweekly meetings and updates with the town. We intend to share all information as it comes to us. This project will begin in the area of Black Road South to Mortland Road. During this phase only, southbound traffic will be diverted onto Black Road, Union Street and Mortland Road. The construction plan also includes repairs and rebuilds on the East end of town to Station Avenue in 2023. The plan, as of today, is that downtown will be reconstructed as soon as weather permits in 2024 and be completed in 2024. This is the best information that I have as of today.

All plans and timelines are subject to change and much of the aforementioned work can be affected by weather. I know that there are going to be difficult situations that arise with each of these projects, and I ask that everyone be patient. All three of these projects are necessary and all have been in the planning phase for years. None of the projects would take place without State and Federal assistance and funding. We are going to do our best to make sure that the impacts to our citizens and business are minimized as much as possible.