About Us

Searsport was settled in the late 18th Century and incorporated as a town in 1845. It has nearly 10 miles of coastline on Penobscot Bay, which has been a major influence on the town's development. Sears Island, over 900 acres in size is connected to the mainland by a causeway.

During Searsport's early history, its major industry was shipbuilding and cargo handling. The seaport town was famous for its sea captains in the mid-1800's and was once home to ten percent of all American deep-water shipmasters. These sea captains traveled the world and brought home their treasures which are on display at the Penobscot Marine Museum's eight historical buildings, located in downtown Searsport.

The chemical industry played a major role in the local economy during World War II. Petroleum product shipping and handling supplemented the chemical industry during the Korean conflict, while today, fuel, lumber, paper and chemicals continue to arrive and depart from the seaport.

Today, Searsport is a quiet community of 2500 residents who enjoy a 4 season environment.